Planning is crucial before you demolish, renovate or purchase a property.

At Allen Service Corporation, we can assist you in managing and mitigating potential hazards so you stay on track with project schedules and budgets. We also help building owners understand the regulations and laws that apply to your specific situation.


We can help you move your project along faster while complying with all regulations. Our consultation services range from providing compliance assurance via a simple telephone conversation to guiding you through the multiple phases of an inspection and abatement project.

Asbestos Inspection and Sampling

Before starting your renovation or demolition project, federal and state laws require building owners to identify any asbestos-containing materials and properly manage them. Allen Service Corporation provides inspection to comply with current regulations. We can also provide the 6-month periodic surveillance inspections and 3-year IDPH/AHERA inspections that are required in all Illinois school buildings.

Asbestos Management Plans

When it comes to asbestos abatement, it’s essential to document your compliance. As licensed management planners, we develop asbestos management plans in accordance with current Illinois state regulations.

We also assist in maintaining and updating management plans as re-inspections are completed, or asbestos materials are identified and removed. We ensure the process meets all federal, state and local ordinances, regulations and rules pertaining to asbestos including storage, transport and disposal.

Asbestos Abatement Project Design

Our background as architects gives us a unique understanding of renovation and abatement projects. Using this experience, we are able to develop creative and well-coordinated design solutions for complex and time-sensitive renovation projects.

Maintenance Personnel Training

Allen Service Corporation offers annual 2-hour awareness training for school maintenance personnel, along with IDPH/AHERA management planning, compliance and training.

Lead Based Paint and Mold Consultation

Through our network of consultants, we provide assistance in identifying the hazards of lead-based paint and mold. If lead or mold is found, we guide building owners through the process of abatement or remediation.